Patriot's History: Columbus & Cortez (Chapter 1)

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In 1492
Columbus reached the land
Hispaniola, now
called Cuba. His command:
to teach the natives, share
the land, to civilize.
They risked their lives, with
Christianity the prize.

In 1492 Columbus reached the land
he called Hispaniola (Cuba). His command:
to teach the natives "Faith by love" and not by force,
for like Cortez in Mexico, the Spanish course
involved converting tribes to Christianity
as much as finding gold (despite the tendency
of Aztec savages for human sacrifice).
And while the musket was a practical device
for keeping order, Europe's modern civilized
approach to property and civic pride was prized
by its defenders, and they risked their lives to share
the word of God, because, as soon they'd be aware,
the savages to whom they'd bring eternal bliss
had histories of TB, pox, and syphilis.

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