Patriot's History: Religion (Chapters 1,4)

Music: Choral Production of Healy Willan

We've learned from years of fierce debate
the church can make a better state.

Religion, starting with the "Great Awakening"
(which lasted half the eighteenth century) would bring
a surge of faith and moralism to a young
America; although the radicals among
the sects (some Puritans defied authority,
the Unitarians denied the Trinity)
were slowly compromising Christianity
to rules of public duty and morality -
still good - but now the bond connecting church and state
was being challenged; still, the land would resonate
with Godly sentiment, as true believers tried
to foster common sense. The Constitution tied
the Christian faith to freedom, though in civil terms.
The writing of de Tocqueville readily confirms
the spirit of religion as essential to
the noble principles Republics can imbue.

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