Patriot's History: Early 19th Century Renaissance (Chap 7)

Last Rose of Summer, Adelina Patti, 1905
(Written early 19th century, sung to President Buchanan in 1850s)

Once doubted, culture in America was manifest
in writer, artist, and adventurer, from East to West.

It was a type of Renaissance
in arts and culture. In response
to the de Tocqueville claim of crude
Americans, there was a mood
of growing creativity
in many forms of artistry,
with Cooper, Hawthorne, and Thoreau,
and Melville, Dickinson, and Stowe;
and with his flair to entertain
was Samuel Clemens (Mister Twain).
And Noah Webster symbolized
the educated, civilized
America that came to be,
the age of university
and scholar. From the great frontier
came troubador and balladeer
to tell a tale or sing a tune
of pioneers like Daniel Boone;
and Davy Crockett, mythical
and real, who kept the nation full
of wonder as a Congressman
and master hunter, and began
his 'hero' status in a show
of valor at the Alamo.

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