Patriot's History: Cold War, 1946-59 (Chap 18)

I'm Just Wild About Harry, Al Jolson
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, Gene Autry
It's a Sin to Tell a Lie, Patti Page
I'm Sorry, The Moonglows
Midnight in Moscow, Kenny Ball and the Orchestra

Post-war, the Roosevelt/Truman policies
were hurting us, and serving only to appease
the communists, a very real and growing threat.
We faced it in Korea, feeling some regret
for stirring China. In the end, democracy
would challenge and expose our nation's enemy.

The government had grown throughout the war. In '46
Republicans took Congress, and at last the politics
of socialism slipped away, as taxes were reduced,
the budget balanced. Stalin's growing fascist state produced
authentic fears -- not paranoia. Churchill recognized
the evil. Some of FDR's New Dealers idolized
the Russian; even Truman had been fooled. (How frightening
to learn that Henry Wallace, FDR's VP, would bring
associates to Congress who were Russian spies!) And real
were fears about the bomb, as KGB reports reveal
that even Oppenheimer may have helped the Soviets!
A post-war strategy was underway, with benefits
for those resisting fascist dominance. The Marshall Plan
replaced the Stalinist in Europe with the businessman;
the Truman Doctrine pledged no tyranny would subjugate
a helpless people; and "containment" would eliminate
expansion by the Russians. NATO likely saved the day,
as Russia planned invasions. Truman, starting to display
his toughness, challenged Moscow with an airlift to Berlin.
Korea next: MacArthur helped America to win
another communist engagement, but he went too far,
arousing China. Even though a U.S. superstar,
MacArthur faced the wrath of Harry Truman, rightfully.
Korea ended in a stalemate, and the war that we
"can't win, can't lose, can't quit" was over. Truman's legacy:
"Fair Deal" was socialist, but decent foreign policy.
McCarthy's time was next: unfair to link 'hysteria'
to his assault on communists; he touched an area
of true concern -- indeed, his claims would underestimate
the ranks of infiltrators. Yet the times would demonstrate
our country's rights and freedoms. All accused were fairly tried,
and through it all the communists existed side-by-side
with patriots -- its "Daily Worker" paper even thrived!
So even as the furtive Russian fellowships contrived
to steal our freedoms (Eisenhower standing by),
our Constitutional protections served to glorify
democracy, in time diminishing our enemies
through union votes, not purges at the universities.

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