Patriot's History: George Bush 2 (Chap 22)

Hail to the Chief
We the People, Billy Ray Cyrus (2000 GWB theme song)
Only in America, Brooks & Dunn (2004 GWB theme song)
I Won't Back Down, Tom Petty
Bach's Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Sarah Brightman

The second Mister Bush advanced free enterprise
and military strength. The world would agonize
with us on 9/11. Bush, amidst the strife,
revealed that terror can't destroy our way of life.

Another Bush, another round of terrorists.
It started in 2000, with the freakish twists
and turns in voting counts in Florida. Revealed
throughout the fray was that Republicans appealed
to mainstream US citizens -- the states in blue
were mostly urban coastal centers, large but few.
As Clinton pardoned criminals, minorities
and women (thanks to Bush) had opportunities
at last. Quite competent were Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice,
and Powell. Bush made clear he wouldn't sacrifice
our safety, backing SDI. He emphasized
the role of business, and supported privatized
initiatives and tax cuts. Though the Democrats
resisted every move, the Party diplomats
agreed to pass the tax cuts. The economy
would soon become a minor story -- tragedy
occurred on 9/11. From Afghanistan
(al Qaeda) came bin Laden, a malicious man
determined to destroy America. Said Bush,
"We'll kick their asses!" No delay, the fateful push
was on, with Bush defiant, thoughtful, resolute,
compassionate -- with faith in God the absolute
sustainer of our nation, and free enterprise
a staunch al Qaeda foe, ensuring the demise
of their financial flow. "You're WITH us or AGAINST
us," came the Presidential "Doctrine." Nations sensed
our righteousness, the War on Terror now began,
"Enduring Freedom" crushed the Afghan Taliban
(which harbored the al Qaeda leaders), using 'smart'
munitions, laser-guided weaponry, the art
of western war in full display. And then Iraq,
Iran, and North Korea -- targets for attack
themselves as evil 'Axis' of the terrorists --
were under watch. Saddam Hussein was first. His trysts
with terror suspects, and his weapons -- tools of mass
destruction -- placed the tyrant in a special class,
and Bush, allowing ample time for his reply
to search requests, heard nothing. Once again the sky
was filled with spectacles, displays of "shock and awe,"
precision bombs, a 'technowar' without a flaw,
a "coalition of the willing" taking part
in putting down the evil as Iraqis start
to clamor "Bush Bush Bush!" while tasting liberty.
Back home, however, thoughts of the economy
prevailed, and whisperings of inappropriate
behavior at the prison camps began to split
America. But justifying slurs is hard
with Gitmo inmates eating better than their guard!

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