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Haranguing History (People's Version)

Upon a land embroidered with a curious
accoutrement of native flavors, primitive
but symbiotic with the earth, penurious
in paint and plume, with living styles alternative

to ours, we ventured forth with common tenancy
intended, but impeded by recalcitrance
and, truth be told, a certain animosity
that tested our commendatory tolerance

for disadvantageness, while making manifest
our destiny as rightful magisterial
custodians of habitations newly dressed
in deeds, devices, derring-do, material

possessions, ample riches, grist and circumstance
beyond a speculator's finest fantasies.
And while dismissing miscreants we looked askance
at insubordinance while seeking to appease

the weary rabblery with rousing vitriol
addressed to royalty as men of property
rebelled against all attitudes imperial;
and while endeavoring to calm the refugee

and vagabond with compensating living space
(which, time would certify amidst an overall
return to temperance, we started to embrace
as more desirable, demanding overhaul

of deeds already done). With bolstered confidence
and prudently compatriotic attitude
we toasted most devoutly our deliverance
from any vestiges of heathen crassitude --

indeed, our theopathic leanings would ensure
predominance against the mythologic claims
of foreign realms, as if a primogeniture
from times Tenochtitlan could elevate their names

above our holy god's, or if the fertile soil
and precious metals of our righteous western shore
should stir a god-forbidding reason to embroil
humanitarians in totemistic war.

As issues, thus, of property entanglements
were giving way to industry and enterprise,
there came about a shrewd and gentlemanly sense
that servitude would smartly revolutionize

production of the kingly fleece, until the winds
of Northern avarice unveiled a covetry
disguised in scriptures of morality, the sins
of subjugation duly noted, and esprit

of union and rebellion urged on either side
by men of reputation, as a wilderness
of blood and innocence engendered fratricide
from once-ethereal fraternal bondedness.

But leaden shadows drifted past and all were free --
or so the documents of tolerance declared --
as reveries of reconstructive policy
appeared resplendently to heal a race impaired

by sluggish centuries of other men's disdain.
But codes defiant pressed the blackness to the earth
and ground its twisting flesh: the requiem's refrain
still echoes from the chambers of a hopeful birth.

A second hundred years begin with circumstance
mercurial and daunting, as our shores recede
to levels unbefitting patrons of expanse
and acquisition -- hence a germinating need

to radiate our freedom, faith, and intellect
to distant lands, to devilishly coffee-skinned
appendages of humankind refined to genuflect
before the fair-skinned deity as they rescind

their pagan posturings. The sacrificial pit
disgorges fiery virtues through a needy world
as gilded sneers of industry bring benefit
to patrons of plutocracy, their flag unfurled

in patriotic flurries of grandiloquence,
productiveness, imagination, influence,
and fluttering acknowledgements of Providence.
Yet now, in odd and disconsoling recompense

for this above-recounted magnanimity,
the motherland erupts, and bloody turmoil spills
across the sea, and shatters our prosperity:
the pounding fist, a slith'ry hiss, the poisoned wills

of innocents -- and in response, not once but twice
we turn away marauding Huns in freedom's quest,
almighty potencies invoked to sacrifice
the children of the wicked, making manifest

our destiny, our birthright, our entitlement,
our biblical dominion over savages,
our longitudination to the orient.
But then rebellion in the heartland ravages

our perfect world, grotesquely-garbed idealists
contrive a metaphorical society
whose uniformity-preserving exorcists
are dizzied by the anarchistic foolery

paraded in the streetwise spectacle.
But order is restored, at last, as we revive
the markets and eradicate the radical
impediments, our talons sharpened, words alive

with rectitude, an eagle's energy released
to revel in a gastronomic harmony
of fiscal self-indulgence, till we see the feast
disrupted by the flaming twins of liberty.

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