People's History: Virginia Indians (Chapter 1-2)

Music: Native American Drums

Superior to Indians, the colonist
believed himself to be. The natives could resist
the bitter winters, though. The white man tried attacks,
enslavement, nothing worked. They'd have to wait for blacks.

And in Virginia, sixteen-hundreds, in the lands
of Pequot and the Powhatan, there came demands
from English colonists, who saw the irony
of landing with superior technology
and dying in the bitter winters with the wild
and "savage" Indians superbly reconciled
with earth and forest. Many of the colonists
surrendered to the native cultures - pragmatists,
survivors. Others chose to raid the villages
to slaughter peaceful tribes, for one who pillages
the savage is absolved, the Psalms in evidence:
"The heathen shall I give you for inheritance."
But unsuccessful in their needy quest to tame
the natives, colonists were shortly to proclaim
their destiny as manifest, and they'd acquire
their precious manna on a slave ship named Desire.

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