People's History: The Constitution (Chapter 5)

Music: Mari Therese

For ALL was writ the Bill of Rights,
though cleverly it underwrites,
in terms convincing and discreet,
the special needs of the elite.

As "we the people" meant the merchants, not the mob,
the Constitution framers had the thorny job
of serving economic needs with popular
support. To say the least, the rich were insecure
about democracy. So Adams, Hamilton
and pro-Republic forces voiced by Madison
supported individual, less potent states
that might reduce the blow when protest instigates
a fight between two groups; beware democracy,
for commoners are error-prone, and tend to be
delusional or passive. So the document
that formed our country is a testament
to masters of duplicity, to men so shrewd
that those of meager means would look with gratitude
upon provisions offered in the Bill of Rights
while Constitutional authority unites
the nation as a vital document replete
with contract rights and other needs of the elite.

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