People's History: Religion (Chapters 5,6)

Music: Veni Creator Spiritus

Devoutly, for a century,
we shaped our nation's destiny
while answering this argument:
religion's part of government.

Religion showed the independent will
of early colonists, for they'd instill
the growing country with an attitude
that faith was private. So with rectitude
Anne Hutchinson was willing to defy
the Puritan authorities and die
in banishment. But in the hundred years
to follow, through the Revolution, fears
of persecution led to certainty
that prayer shaped a nation's destiny:
a Christian people shouldn't separate
its path from government's. Indeed, our fate
is in the hands of God! The Bill of Rights
would please the worshipers and acolytes
while giving to the aristocracy
a neatly crafted role: to oversee
the commoners, whom Hamilton would write
about: "They seldom (can) determine right."

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