People's History: George W. Bush (Chap 25)

The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Ennio Morricone
Viva La Vida, Coldplay

The second Bush: pro-business, quite a militant,
deregulator, foe of the environment.
On 9/11, all America became
the fans of Mister Bush's war, in "freedom's" name.

Election year 2000, Bush or Gore?
It doesn't matter much, they both ignore
the average citizen's lament: "my life won't change."
They're both for military and a range
of corporate concessions. Bush would win
the closest-ever race, to the chagrin
of the environmentalists. He slashed
the taxes of the rich with unabashed
enthusiasm. 9/11 turned
our world around: while 'freedom' symbols burned
the President assured Americans
that truth and justice would avenge the sins
of evil men. It seemed Afghanistan
concealed bin Laden, with the Taliban
connection to al Qaeda. So we bombed
the villages. America was calmed
by talk of 'smart' attacks, but thousands died
from bombings, though the slaughter would subside
in media reports. A nation split
on war found unity. The Patriot
(for freedom!) Act restricted freedoms -- hard
to protest when submissiveness can guard
the shores. An anti-Muslim sentiment
seemed natural, as faith in government
preempted rights of citizens. But force
can't vanquish terrorists. To "stay the course"
inspires hostility. And violence
on violence can't win -- our confidence
in US strength evokes a different sense
abroad, and terror is the consequence.

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