Rapping History

How to use Rapping History

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Statue of a man in a cityInstructors of students in the 10th grade on up can use Rapping History as a teaching tool by having students read/listen to one epoch and then answer the below questions.

First print the home page with all the historical epochs. Take it to class, and then have the students choose one epoch each as you read them.

Then for homework have them go to the website and read/listen to both the liberal and conservative sides of their epoch. They are to write at least four sentences that compare and contrast the two views. Questions that they can answer could be:

  1. Do the two opinions present convincing cases?
  2. Which of the two opinions do you think makes more sense?
  3. Does one opinion seem to leave out important information?
  4. Finally, what one thing did you learn about this epoch that you didn’t know before?

Using the music

After doing the above assignment, ask the students if they thought the music made the poetry more enjoyable. Or, did they expect a different kind of music? Do they have suggestions as to what kind of music would be better for this poetry?


Do you have any suggestions as to how these poetry segments can be used in class? Send an email to the author through out Contact Us page.

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